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SEAT was designed to take YOUR sports or entertainment SALES organization to a higher level of PRODUCTIVITY, PROFESSIONALISM and EFFECTIVITY. SEAT provides the SALES MANAGEMENT REPORTING required by owners today to be more PROFITABLE. SEAT is, quite literally, the most unique modular computer database system for the sports industry.

SEAT is the software you need for a successful marketing program for your sports and/or entertainment organization. In fact, we're STILL the ONLY comprehensive, proven, sports-oriented, marketing-based, group/season ticket and sponsor revenue data management/reporting system WITH BARCODE SUPPORT available.

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SMART was originally designed to support a K-12 school system with 14 campuses and over 8,000 lunches served daily. However, SMART can easily be scaled down for smaller school systems. SMART would also benefit college meal programs, military and corporate cafeteria programs. SMART is flexible enough to also handle store transactions. 

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