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SMART-POS (School Management/Account Resource Tracking Point of Sale) system is a unique cafeteria point of sale and account management software system designed to ease staff meal-time operations, speed checkout and manage student debit accounts.

SMART-POS features easy administration of all food/meal items, their prices and taxation requirements. SMART-POS provides for easy editing of operator POS buttons so it is easily tailored for middle, elementary and high school menu programs. 

The SMART-POS student and staff management area provides for extensive, yet confidential management of student account information, such as allergies, emergency contact information, account balances, and/or program status (ie free, reduced, paid or adult). SMART-POS also allows for one-time EARNED lunches for student helpers.

SMART-POS improves administrative productivity by making the tasks of determining account transaction history and the generation of low account balances a breeze. SMART-POS master configuration screens provide an easy mechanism to manage tax rates and who/what is taxable, a variety of reduced cost programs, and when low balance letters should be generated and how much to allow for account overdrafts. 

SMART-POS easily accounts for every operator's transactions regardless of debit or cash (SMART calculates change and flags insufficient account balances) and provides for quick and easy register close reporting. In networked environments, transactions can further be identified by campus or location. 

SMART-POS, when coupled with barcode scanners and touch-screen monitors can speed check-out and student verification. SMART-POS can be setup to show student photo at the terminal upon scanning OR manual entry of the student ID.          

SMART-POS supports a variety of hardware and network platforms. SMART-POS operates on both macintosh or PC computers and in a stand-alone or networked environments. SMART-POS supports a variety of barcode scanners and/or touch-screen monitors for maximum flexibility of use.  

SMART-POS includes a variety of reports for end of day operator management, account transactions as well as items sold for state reimbursement needs. 

SMART-POS has been designed to withstand 8-10,000 transactions per day. Although primarily designed for meal-time, SMART-POS can easily manage school store transactions. Likewise, although intended for schools, college and university campuses, SMART-POS is equally at home in corporate and military cafeterias.

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