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About the Imagination Factory
Software development

Since 1984, The Imagination Factory has been actively engaged in the design, development, and production of hi-tech/hi-impact marketing (from print to video to digital media). Our services include interactive multimedia (multi-platform CD-ROM, CD-I, P-CD, and laserdisc), computer animation, internet (web) design and hosting, graphic design and layout, industrial and training video (offering an extensive range of expertise from scripting and storyboarding, direction, production, narration and editing to corporate event staging and visual management), digital imagery and retouching, and strategic marketing consultation. 

Team IFI applied its unique combination of skills to the development of SEAT as early as 1993. We combine backgrounds in graphic and advertising illustration and layout, software development, behavioural science and educational psychology, technical documentation, computer graphics, industrial videography and instructional design, plus, collectively more than a century of practical experience from traditional methodology to high-tech scenarios to bring you the best - when you need it... just-in-time.

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